Bandhavgarh National Park

The Bandhavgarh reserve named after the highest hill Bandhavgarh (807 m) in the centre of it, falls between the Vindhyan hill range and the eastern flank of Satpura hill range and is located in Shahdol and Jabalpur districts of Madhya Pradesh. Located in the Vindhya Hills, Bandhavgarh in Madhya Pradesh encompasses 32 hills covered with a mixed forest of sal, dhobin and saga and large stretches of grasslands with bamboo grooves., Bandhavgarh is famous for its tigers and the adventure unfolds at day break.

Bandhavgarh Wildlife Tour

Tiger with Taj Mahal

Duration : 09N / 10D

Tiger with Erotic Temple

Duration : 07N / 08D

Birding with Tiger Tour

Duration : 19N / 20D

Exploring Tiger Land

Duration : 18N / 19D

India Wildlife Safari

Duration : 15N / 16D


Royal Bengal Tiger Tour

Duration : 13N / 14D

Royal Bengal with Taj Mahal

Duration : 11N / 12D

Tiger Rhino Tour

Duration : 11N / 12D

Tiger Safari India

Duration : 13N / 14D

Wildlife Nature Tours

Duration : 06N / 07D

Bandhavgarh National Park

Flora in Bandhavgarh Park

The forest of Bandhavgarh is classified as Tropical Moist Deciduous Type and is dominated by Sal trees. Lofty Saja and Arjun (Terminalia spp.), Lendia (Lagerstroemia spp.), Salai (Boswelia spp.), Bija (Pterocarpus spp.), Mahua (Madhuca spp.) and the like contribute to the floral diversity.

Fauna in Bandhavgarh Park

Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve is mainly known for its tigers. It has typical central Indian fauna with more than 22 species of mammals. Common langur and rhesus macaque represent the primate group. Among the carnivore species jackal, Bengal fox, sloth bear, rattle, grey (small Indian) and ruddy mongoose,